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Witch's Runes made from local sustainably sourced Qld Blackwood, known for it's musical and mystical properties (it has been commonly used by the Indigenous Australians to make sacred items such as boomerangs, clapsticks, spears and more).

If you haven't heard of Witch's Runes here are some fun facts:

✨ Witch's Runes are made up of 13 symbols

✨ They are a simple way to begin connecting to your intuition.

✨ They can be used for meditation and reflection, story telling, divination and more...


These Runes are special because they tap into the local power of the Blackwood trees, feature natural oil finish and come with a black velvet bag featuring a one off hand painted design.
The design on your bag is picked intuitively for you.

For more information the Witches Runes check out my blog post.


Witch's Runes

SKU: 632835642834584
    • Made from Sustainbly sourced local Blackwood.
    • Finished with natural oils.
    • Includes black storage bag with handpainted artwork.
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