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All your questions answered.

How much does your custom laser engraving cost?

The price for our laser cutting is based on:

The amount of time we spend designing the artwork & the intricacy of the design

The size of the artwork

The amount of time the laser spends cutting the item & the electricity / resources used.

Our laser cutting area is 500mm x 400mm and the smallest size custom art we can do is 90 x 55mm.
We happily do prototypes, cut complex shapes for musical instruments, gift ware, home décor, laptops, tablets and elements for craft projects.

How long does custom artwork take?

We would require roughly two weeks to complete the process from initial design concept to completed piece. 

Can you customise my existing item?

Of course we can!

Some things you need to be aware of is that there is obviously a risk involved with laser cutting anything, and especially so with one off items. The risks are similar to the risks involved with tattooing.


We do our best to take the utmost care, as you can see with the sample instruments, but accidents can always happen! The laser cutting machine uses the laser to burn the instrument in a very precise way, so we set the parameters and do as many tests as we can on scrap wood before laser etching artwork, but each material is different. If you are comfortable with this then we can even have a look at the item before we do anything and assess it to see if it is suitable.

Can you post an item to me?

Yes we can! 

Large items

What is a Submark and why do I need one?

A submark is a secondary logo for use in applications where your main logo doesn't work as well as you would like. It is based on the original logo in look and feel, therefore consistent with your brand.

A submark is generally a simplified version of your logo that can be easily used at smaller sizes.

Designed to fill a smaller area without losing the overall feel of the original design, a submark has a definite place in your brand toolbox. It may include an abbreviated version of the business name, initials, or just a graphic that represents the company. Often a graphic is pulled from the primary logo to use for this purpose.

Remember your sub mark compliments your primary logo, so be sure your audience is exposed to and sees your primary logo FIRST. That should be your focus. Once your brand is established you can be more confident in using your sub-mark as a stand alone.


Don’t overuse your sub-mark. Use it enough that people start to associate it with your brand, but it shouldn’t be in multiple places on every single marketing piece. Use it where it makes sense.


We can see from brands like Chanel, McDonalds or Nike that a submark can be pretty important.

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